Summer FO's


FO #1: Miette Wrap Skirt in Robert Kauffman black Essex linen-cotton blend (top left)

FO #2: Short Sleeve button up shirt (Burda 6527) in a grey cotton chambray with fancy copper buttons from Button Button in Vancouver, BC (middle right)

FO #3: Indigo dyed scarf made at the Indigo Social event in Vancouver, dyed using the scrunchie method (bottom right)

FO #4: Salt marsh skirt made using hand-woven cotton from Maiwa Handprints (woven in India) and the Sat marsh Skirt pattern from the Merchant and Mills Workbook (middle left and bottom middle)

FO #5: Striped Beach Tank modified to have a low back and knit in Bernat Handicraft cotton yarn (top right)

FO #6: Palmer Cardigan knit in Brooklyn Tweed Loft (middle and bottom left)

FO #7: Indigo dyed bed sheets and pillow cases (top middle)


Indigo Dyed Kimono

Inspired by Karen Templer's plans and her inspiration to make an Indigo dyed kimono, I picked up this block printed Indigo dyed fabric from Maiwa. The dye for this fabric was extracted from the leaves of the indigofera tinctoria plant that grows in South India, and the block printing was done in Bagru, a village in Rajasthan. The block printing is done using a method called Dabu mud resist block printing, where the design is applied to the fabric with mud, and then the fabric is dyed. The mud keeps the dye from colouring the printed parts of the fabric, and doing this multiple time is what creates multiple shades in the design.

I pretty much stuck to the pattern exactly, only lengthening everything a little bit. I lengthened the body by 2.5" and the sleeves by 2" each. If I made this again I would probably lengthen the body even a bit more, but overall I think it turned out really good! I am so looking forward to wearing this during the upcoming summer months.

Pattern: Sew Over It Kimono Jacket

Fabric: Block printed Indigo dyed fabric from Maiwa

Quilted Linen Tamarack Jacket


I finished my jacket just in time to wear it a little bit before we slip into warmer weather. This project was more time consuming then any other piece I have sewn, but it wasn’t any more difficult. The only reason this jacket sat around unfinished for a little while was because I was nervous about the welt pockets, but with the step-by-step tutorial on the Grainline Studio blog there wasn’t any reason to be worried! The only thing I added was a little loop at the back so that I can hang the jacket up on a coat hook (not pictured), but otherwise I made the size 2 with no modifications. I have been wearing it daily since I finished!

Pattern: Tamarack Jacket by Grainline Studio

Outer Fabric: Robert Kauffman Essex linen cotton blend

Lining: Cotton + Steel Tulips from the Bluebird 2015 collection

2017 Sewing Goals

Last week I wrote a post up about some of the knitting I’ll be doing in 2017, but I’ve also fallen in love with sewing this year so I wanted to write a little list for my second hobby too. These two crafts go well together especially because I want to work on building a well-rounded quality wardrobe this year. So I’ll start with some garment plans I have and then this list may trickle into smaller projects I have planned and even some embroidery.

Tamarack Jacket by Grainline Studio

Tamarack Jacket by Grainline Studio

One project I’ve been wanting to make since it was released is the Tamarack Jacket by Grainline Studio. I want to get into quilting and I think this jacket would be a fun way to work on that. I’ll probably practice my quilting on some even smaller projects before the jacket, things like potholders and oven mitts.

This next sewing goal I’m sure will lead me into an entire new world of it’s own. I want to learn to make my own jeans, and I’ve already been learning so much about different types and weights of denim, and all sorts of new terms too. I was inspired by these embroidered Citizens of Humanity Jeans that I can’t afford, so I decided to embroider my own jeans. And that way the embroidery will be unique too. I was just going to buy a plain pair of jeans and do the embroidery myself, but I think this is a good chance to learn a lot of new sewing skills. So I have a couple patterns ready to go and I will update as I make more progress.

The only other garment on my mind for this year is a pajama set. I’m deciding between the Lakeside Pajamas (Grainline Studio) and the Carolyn Pajamas (Closet Case).They’re both so different and I’m sure I will eventually make both, so I guess I’m just deciding which to do first!

Some other projects include something that incorporates waxed canvas (I’m thinking the Stowe bag), a pin cushion, a fresh cover for my ironing board, and a huge embroidered map. The rest of this post is just some pictures that have inspired me lately. I obviously have a lot to learn and do this year!