About Me

My name’s Ashley and I am the designer of Callisto Knits. I grew up in a small town creating things by hand, exploring every nook and cranny of the forests by my home, building forts and picking berries. I was taught to knit when I was little by my Grandma but it wasn’t until years later in high school that I picked it up again. After a couple years of knitting I started to experiment with designing and writing my own patterns.

Alongside knitting my other hobbies include gardening, yoga, drawing, cooking, and dancing. If I’m not with my knitting needles you’ll find me in the forest exploring nature.

Thanks for stopping by.

Connect with Me


Ravelry: You can find me, along with all of my available patterns here. My username is ashleygeneral. I love using Ravelry to meet other knitters, post what I've made, and plan what I'll be knitting next. I also have a group on Ravelry where you can chat with me and ask me any questions you might have about my patterns. You can find that group here.

Instagram: Check out my Instagram page here. I post pictures of what I'm working on at the moment as well as updates on new patterns I've uploaded. If you knit one of my patterns and want to share it with me make sure you post it with the hashtag #callistoknits and tag @callistoknits so that I don't miss it.

Pinterest: Check out my Pinterest account here

Questions/Comments: Do you have any questions or comments for me? Click the contact tab above and fill out the form. It will be sent to my email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Email: You can also email me directly at callistoknits@gmail.com