FO: Beach Tank


I just finished my first FO of 2017, the beach tank, a pattern by Jess Schreibstein. This was such a fast knit, and if I didn’t have so many WIP’s going at once I would have finished it well before February. The pattern is simple and straight forward, and the boxy tank is the exact style I want for a summer beach shirt. I’ll probably make another one, but this time a little longer for everyday wear. But what’s more perfect for summer then a cropped, boxy tank made from upcycled denim?!

The yarn I used is Wool and the Gang’s Billie Jean yarn. It’s one of their newer yarns, sustainably made from upcycled denim (pre-consumer denim waste). I found working with this yarn was similar to working with any worsted weight cotton yarn, although it did turn my fingers blue after knitting with it! Quite a bit of dye came out when blocking too (but to be fair, WATG warns that this is expected) and hopefully I won’t get blue skin when I wear the tank. Overall I’m super happy with my yarn choice and the outcome of the project! I’m looking forward to what Jess comes out with next!