Row Counting Stitch Marker DIY

I’ve accumulated quite the collection of stitch markers in the past couple years and I love the idea of a stitch marker that keeps track of how many rows I’ve knit so I thought I would add another one to my collection. This is a DIY for a stitch counter with sliding beads that you can use to count the number of rows you’ve knit. I decided to use ten beads on each of my counters because it’s a nice even number but you can use however many you think would work for you. If you'll be using this marker on larger needles make sure you get jump rings large enough to comfortably slide over the needles.



  • embroidery floss

  • 10 counter beads (size 6/0)

  • 2 accent beads (with same hole size as counter beads)

  • lobster clasp OR jump ring

  • 2 embroidery needles

  • needle nose pliers

  • scissors

Step 1: Cut 20 inches of embroidery floss. Thread the floss through your jump ring or lobster clasp (depending on which you’re using).

Step 2: Tie a knot in the thread as close to the jump ring or lobster clasp as possible.

Step 3: Using an embroidery needle, thread one of the accent needles onto both threads. 

Step 4: Push the bead right up to the knot.

Step 5: Tie a knot right beneath the bead and get it as close to the bead as possible.

Step 6: To make it easier to thread the counter beads place an embroidery needle on each thread.

Step 7: Thread one of the needles through one side of the bead and the other needle through the other side of the bead. Pull each thread to tighten the bead up to the top.

Step 8: Attach all 10 beads this way, pulling each tight so you have a line of 10 beads as shown in the picture.

Step 9: Tie a knot in the embroidery floss approximately 1 cm down from the last bead you threaded.

Step 10: Use an embroidery needle to attach another accent bead over both threads.

Step 11: Tie a knot in the thread as close to the accent bead as possible. Trim the threads.