A New Year

A little over a year ago in the midst of my knitting obsession I decided I wanted to start writing my own patterns. I had so many ideas in my head of things I could knit but I couldn’t find a pattern for most of them, so I while I was writing my New Year’s resolutions down I decided I would try to write and publish a pattern every single month of 2014. Now, a year later, I’ve only grown more in love with knitting, in love with figuring out every little detail that will make a pattern exactly how I imagined it. I never published all 12 patterns, some ideas were started and dropped, some are still on my needles right now and some never even got started. Thirty days was not long enough for me to go through every stage of the design process properly, so this year I’ve halved the goal and I’m already working hard to get my 6 patterns finished.


I also want to focus on this blog, saving money, and all the aspects of my well being. 2014 was a beautiful year and I look forward to seeing if 2015 can top it. What goals have you set?