Christmas Knitting

This year is the first that I’ve made knitted Christmas gifts for my family and friends. I actually thought to start early enough this year so I’ve had time to knit for pretty much everyone on my list. I also bought some presents to go along with what I made, but I’m most excited to give the gifts I’ve been putting so much time into. 


For my friends I knit socks. I had a sock phase earlier in the year after I learned to make my first pair during the summer, and even though I haven’t made myself a pair yet I made a pair for each of my close friends. Now that I’m done my Christmas knitting though I’ve finally cast on a pair for myself, so hopefully by the new year I’ll get to put on my first pair of hand-knit socks.

For my immediate family I knit matching hats with our last name sewn into them. This is actually a pattern I’ve been working on the past couple months and it will be released in a couple days. I knit my grandparents a santa ornament for their tree and I’ll be wrapping my partner’s present in a hand-knit stocking this year.


This year I decided to wrap everything in simple kraft paper. I used gold ribbon, pinecones, and bells to accent the presents and I really like how they all turned out. I would love to hear about what you knit your family and friends for Christmas this year!