Notions Bag


After carrying various Ziploc bags full of random notions around with all of my projects I’ve decided it’s time to make a permanent toolkit. One that has everything I need for every project, so I can grab it along with whatever project I decide to work on that day. I’ve been using this one for a couple months now and I haven’t needed to add anything, so it feels complete for the time being. I thought I’d empty it and let you know what I’ve been taking everywhere with me.


Bag: The clear bag is from KnitPicks. It works well for me because I’m not digging around looking for my smaller notions, I can see everything and grab exactly what I need. I also like the way all my tools look in the bag, because I think some of them are pretty cute. $3.99

Pens and notebook: I use this little notebook all the time, for jotting down pattern ideas and also for making notes about where I am in a pattern. Sometimes I’ll change a pattern as I’m knitting to suit my needs, so I like to keep track of those sorts of things.

Scissors: This pretty pair of black scissors is from Lantern moon. Scissors are definitely my most used item here. $19.95

Stitch markers: I keep a tiny bag of stitch markers with me. The duck ones are from Lantern moon and they make me so happy when I use them. I also have a couple other random markers that I carry, including a removable one. $11.00

Repair hook and finishing needles: This is the first repair hook I’ve had, and it pretty much works the same as a crochet hook does. I mainly use it when I drop stitches. I got it from Lantern Moon and it came in a cute little pouch, which I store my tapestry needles in as well. $10.50

Needle point protectors: I only really use these when I’m bringing a project(usually socks) on the go with me. When I’m carrying my project in a soft cloth bag they keep the needles from poking through the material. These ones are from KnitPicks and they come in a pack of four. $1.19

Interchangeable needle cable ends: I use the interchangeable knitting needles from KnitPicks, and they come with these twist on caps, so you can keep a project on the cable and use the needles from that project for something else. To be honest I’ve never used these, but I keep them in here just in case the time comes.

Knitting gauge & ruler: I picked this up at a dollar store near my house, and it’s definitely a tool I recommend every knitter gets. When I started working with DPN’s and circulars, I realized not all needles are nicely labelled, so it’s great to have this for reference!

Stitch holders: Again I picked these up at a local dollar store. They come in handy so I would definitely recommend getting a couple.

Cable needle: This one is from KnitPicks. I haven’t actually knit a project with cables in a while, but I keep one in case the feeling ever hits to cable something! $4.49

Crochet hooks: I like using crochet hooks to do certain edges and to pull in loose ends, so I always keep a couple sizes with me.

Measuring tape: This one isn’t a necessity, because the ruler is usually long enough for most projects, but sometimes I have bigger things to measure and a 6-inch ruler just won’t cut it for me. This sunflower one is from Lantern Moon and I love how cute it looks. $12.10

Do you keep a similar bag to this? I’d love it if you let me know what you keep in yours below!