Driftwood Weaving

At the beginning of the summer my family and I went camping at the campground we visit every year, and I spent a couple hours one day collecting treasures on the beach. There was a bunch of pieces of driftwood a couple meters back from the water, as well as a ton of pretty stones so I took a bunch home with me thinking about ways I could incorporate them into a craft. 


A couple weeks ago I bought a starter loom at Value Village, which is a second hand store in Ontario if you’re unfamiliar. I wasn’t really sure what sorts of things I could make with a loom but it was a couple dollars and it was in the section with all the other fibre arts so of course I couldn’t help myself!

I’ve been seeing a lot of woven wall hangings on Pinterest lately so I thought it would be cool to follow one of those tutorials and use a piece of driftwood as the dowel to hold the hanging up. I ended up following a mixture of a couple tutorials. I chose to do simple stripes and I added on some fringe to the bottom which I cut into a pointed design. I found the whole process of weaving straightforward, the only problem was that the loom I picked up from the second hand store was broken! A couple of the screws had stripped the wood so I had to hold the two poles to keep my strings from falling off. I guess that’s what you get when you buy something used and you don’t check it properly!


All in all I’m really happy with how the wall hanging turned out. If I happen to see another inexpensive loom I’ll probably pick it up because I would love to do this again!