FO: Stowe Bag

Since I finished my Stowe bag a couple of days ago I have been loving my new knitting bag. The Stowe bag stands on it’s own and acts more like a basket when you're knitting, but it still bunches up nicely when I need to stuff it in my backpack. The Stowe bag is a pattern from Grainline Studio, designed by Fringe Supply Co. 

I made mine in a brown cotton canvas, and I used some extra quilting cotton I had for the bias binding. I had a go at waxing the canvas after I sewed the bag using a wax bar from Otter Wax and a heat gun to set it. To use the wax bar you need to apply a couple coats. I decided to stop after 2 light coats for a lightly waxed bag, which adds a bit of protection against water and dirt. You wouldn’t want to soak this bag, but I like knowing my knitting would be safe if I set my project bag on a wet floor or something like that. I decided to sew the gussets for a more permanent shape, and I ended up doing those by hand because my machine probably wouldn’t have liked all those layers of canvas. Even doing it by hand was tough!

I'll definitely be using the wax again, I still have most of the bar left that I bought and I would buy it again. The next thing I decide to wax I might try doing a much heavier coat so I can see the difference. Maybe a jacket or a canvas backpack?

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