FO: Moonlight Garden Shawl

The name of this shawl alone is pretty magical. Pair that with the dreamy yarn I chose and the delicate lacework and border pattern and it wouldn’t be enough to say I’m happy with the first shawl I’ve ever knit.

It’s taken me too long to find a shawl pattern that I really wanted to knit. I knew I was looking for a shawl I could wear the way that I would wear a scarf, wrapped up tight around my neck with the option to wear spread out like a shawl. This worsted weight shawl is warm enough to wear in the winter like a scarf, but I also see myself on a cool summer night, wearing this shawl draped over my shoulders to hinder the breeze.

The yarn I chose was Maxima by Manos Del Uruguay, which is a single-ply worsted weight yarn made up of 100% Merino wool. I went with the colour Sand. It was wonderfully soft to work with and the pinkish beige colour complimented the pattern perfectly.

This pattern comes from Melody Hoffman of bmandarines. The pattern is beautifully formatted and I found it was pretty clear to knit from. It was my first lacework project so there were a couple of times that I had to look up stitches, but I took it slow and it all came together in the end. There wasn’t a huge amount of lacework either so I think it was the perfect first project to introduce me to this new skill.