Summer FO's


FO #1: Miette Wrap Skirt in Robert Kauffman black Essex linen-cotton blend (top left)

FO #2: Short Sleeve button up shirt (Burda 6527) in a grey cotton chambray with fancy copper buttons from Button Button in Vancouver, BC (middle right)

FO #3: Indigo dyed scarf made at the Indigo Social event in Vancouver, dyed using the scrunchie method (bottom right)

FO #4: Salt marsh skirt made using hand-woven cotton from Maiwa Handprints (woven in India) and the Sat marsh Skirt pattern from the Merchant and Mills Workbook (middle left and bottom middle)

FO #5: Striped Beach Tank modified to have a low back and knit in Bernat Handicraft cotton yarn (top right)

FO #6: Palmer Cardigan knit in Brooklyn Tweed Loft (middle and bottom left)

FO #7: Indigo dyed bed sheets and pillow cases (top middle)


Summer of Basics Wrap-Up


FO #1: Saltmarsh Skirt

Size & Modifications:

I made this skirt in size 8 exactly as the pattern directed, just shortening it 7 inches so it would hit me mid-calf instead of at the ankle.


  • Saltmarsh Skirt pattern from the Merchant & Mills Workbook (which was available at my local library!)
  • 100% cotton handwoven cotton with a subtle stripe from Maiwa Handprints


2 meters at $15.00/m= $30.00 (Canadian Dollars)


FO #2: Striped beach tank

Size & Modifications:

I made this tank in a size S, the front of the tank was knit exactly as the pattern describes I just added the stripes. The back of the tank I modified so it would have a scooped back. I just cast off in the middle of the row where I wanted my scoop to start and then worked each side separately, decreasing in a nice sloped shape. This is my submission for #sob17bestmod


  • Beach Tank Pattern by Jess Schreibstein
  • 4 balls (2 black and 2 white) of Bernat Handicrafter cotton yarn


4 balls at $2.50/ball + $7.00 pattern = $17.00 (Canadian Dollars)


FO #3: Palmer cardigan

Size &Modifications:

I shortened the cardigan by 2.75” and the sleeves by 1”.


  • Palmer Pattern by Michele Wang
  • 7 skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Loft in the colour Sweatshirt


7 skeins at $19.95/skein + $12.00 pattern = $151.65 (Canadian Dollars)

New Pattern: Clayr

Clayr is officially out in the world! Clayr is a generously long, light, and airy scarf that will bring you from those first spring days into the cool evenings of summer. Sporadic lace triangles give this scarf both a sharp geometric design element while keeping a soft airy look. You’ll find yourself reaching for Clayr time and time again. You can now find Clayr on Ravelry:

FO: Swaledale Clogs

Pulling these slippers out of the washing machine felt a little bit magical, they had shrunk to fit my feet perfectly and felt unlike any other thing I've ever knitted for myself. This was the first time I've felted a project, and I love the thick sturdy fabric it created.

I used the Swaledale Clogs pattern by Ann Kingstone, although I didn't use the recommended Swaledale yarn. I created a similar gauge using 2 strands of worsted weight and 1 strand of fingering instead of the 2 strands of Aran suggested. I had a bunch of small balls of worsted yarn in my stash from other projects so I got to use a few of those up this way. These slippers are very warm so they might not get much wear until next winter!

Pattern: Swaledale Clogs

FO: Beach Tank


I just finished my first FO of 2017, the beach tank, a pattern by Jess Schreibstein. This was such a fast knit, and if I didn’t have so many WIP’s going at once I would have finished it well before February. The pattern is simple and straight forward, and the boxy tank is the exact style I want for a summer beach shirt. I’ll probably make another one, but this time a little longer for everyday wear. But what’s more perfect for summer then a cropped, boxy tank made from upcycled denim?!

The yarn I used is Wool and the Gang’s Billie Jean yarn. It’s one of their newer yarns, sustainably made from upcycled denim (pre-consumer denim waste). I found working with this yarn was similar to working with any worsted weight cotton yarn, although it did turn my fingers blue after knitting with it! Quite a bit of dye came out when blocking too (but to be fair, WATG warns that this is expected) and hopefully I won’t get blue skin when I wear the tank. Overall I’m super happy with my yarn choice and the outcome of the project! I’m looking forward to what Jess comes out with next!