Indigo Dyed Kimono

Inspired by Karen Templer's plans and her inspiration to make an Indigo dyed kimono, I picked up this block printed Indigo dyed fabric from Maiwa. The dye for this fabric was extracted from the leaves of the indigofera tinctoria plant that grows in South India, and the block printing was done in Bagru, a village in Rajasthan. The block printing is done using a method called Dabu mud resist block printing, where the design is applied to the fabric with mud, and then the fabric is dyed. The mud keeps the dye from colouring the printed parts of the fabric, and doing this multiple time is what creates multiple shades in the design.

I pretty much stuck to the pattern exactly, only lengthening everything a little bit. I lengthened the body by 2.5" and the sleeves by 2" each. If I made this again I would probably lengthen the body even a bit more, but overall I think it turned out really good! I am so looking forward to wearing this during the upcoming summer months.

Pattern: Sew Over It Kimono Jacket

Fabric: Block printed Indigo dyed fabric from Maiwa