Arctic Drink Coasters

My family and I lived in the Arctic when I was younger, and it was an experience that inspired me to come up with an Arctic themed knitting pattern. I decided to knit drink coasters, each with a different image from up north on it.

The first drink coaster I knit shows an image of an Igloo, a shelter of snow built by the Inuit. They are typically used only as a temporary shelter now.

I knit the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, onto the second coaster. The Northern Lights are seen above the area around the magnetic North and South poles. The most common colours seen are pale green and pink, but other colours are often seen too so I decided to knit mine in light green, dark green, and purple.

Inuk translates to “the person”, and it is the singular of Inuit which means “the people”. The Inuk pictured on the third coaster is wearing a parka, which is the piece of clothing worn by the Inuit for warmth. They are traditionally made of animal skins but the one on my coaster was knit with blue wool, so if you want yours to be more accurate you could knit it in another colour.

The fourth coaster shows an image of an Inukshuk, which is a stone figure created by the Inuit. In particular it’s of the inunnguaq variety, which means it’s an Inukshuk made based on the human form. Inukshuks are made for many reasons, but most importantly they are used as navigational aids and indicators of food, or nearby help.

Narwhals are whales found in the Arctic region, popular because of their distinctive tusk. The narwhals tusk is actually a tooth and they can grow up to 10 feet long. When I lived in the Arctic I never actually saw a narwhal, but they’ve always been one of my favourite animals so I decided to include them in my set of coasters.

Here’s a picture of me and my family in the Arctic during the summer time. I think I must have been trying to be an Inukshuk or something in this picture, but I just ended up looking pretty goofy. I hope you get a chance to try this pattern out and if you do I’d love to hear about how it turned out!